Nepali music has certainly come a long way in the last few decades with new emerging artists bringing in newer genres of music for the enjoyment of the audience. Yet, no matter how much we enjoy newer, more “modern” music, we can’t seem to get over our favorite oldies.

If you were born in the 80’s or 90’s, you’ll probably remember a lot of old songs with a strong feeling of nostalgia. Those were the good old days!! Even if you were born in the early 2000’s, you might have heard your parents hum these old songs as they go about their business. So, catering to your feeling of nostalgia, we decided to bring you 10 of our favorite old Nepali movie songs.

Fair Warning!! These songs might have you reminiscing your younger days. And even if you are new to Nepali movie songs, these 10 songs are a great place to start.

So without further ado, here are old Nepali movie songs you MUST listen to:

1. Mohani Laagla Hai
This classic old Nepali song features the Indian singer Asha Bhosle’s legendary voice and actor Shiva Shrestha’s amazing dance moves. This sing was a big hit back in the days, and is still popular in school dances and dance shows. You might remember dancing to this song’s pleasant tunes with your friends on your school’s annual Parent’s Day, or even during picnics with your friends and family. Nevertheless, give this oldie one more listen. And don’t forget to play this song provided below and watch Siva Shrestha’s awesome dance moves!!

2. Kusume Rumal
Anyone Nepali who has not been living under a rock must have heard this song at least once. This romantic song from the blockbuster romantic movie ‘Kusume Rumal’ has been a favorite among lovers for quite a while. Sung by Udit Narayan Jha and Deepa Jha back in 1985, this sing has yet to fade into the history. So go on and listen to this sweet romantic song and think back to your first love.

3. Ke Bhanu Ma Kaso Gari Pare
From the movie Prem Pinda, “Ke Bhanu Ma Kaso Gari Pare” is another amazng song you must listen to. The song is sung by Abhijeet and features Saroj Khanal dancing in his own world being fallen in love. Do go and see this. Right now!

4. Maitighar
Perhaps the oldest song on this list, you might have heard the “remix” version of this song. And as good as the remix was, make no mistake; the original was just as good, if not better. This carefree song about one’s maitighar is certainly a sing one must listen to.

5. Samjhana Birsana
From the movie “Truck Driver”, the sing “Samjhana Birsana” became an instant hit among music and film lovers in Nepal. Even people who had never seen a Nepali movie, could be heard humming this song in the months following its release. This amazing song was also very popular for its melody. So go check it out right now and you’ll thank us!

6. Sapana Sapana
This song starts with beautiful music of flute being played by Bhuwan KC and starts with lyric “Sapana Sapana” – a very pleasant tune that keeps our ear to listen to it again and again. The background video of this awesome old Nepali movie song is from Nepali village life in which Karishma Manandhar is shwon as a typical village girl.

7. Sundari Ko Manma Basne Ko Ho La
The list of best Nepali movie songs from old days would be incomplete without this number. From the popular old movie “Chino”, this song is an item dance performed in local bar by actress Kristi Mainali.

8. Gairi Khetko Sirai Hanyo
A dancing track song in which most Nepalese girls perform in stages is the song “Gairi khetko sirai hanyo” from the movie Prem Pinda. The vocal is voiced by legendary Asha Bhosle.

9. Aamai Le Bhanthe Dhara Ko Pani
Another song performed in local Sherpa bar is “Aamai Le Bhanthe Dhara Ko Pani” from the movie Saino. Nepalese boys do not miss to sing this song when they return from occassional picnics. Play the song below to get entertained with Bhuwan Kc to watch fun moments in the video.

10. Banma Fulyo Phool
Last but not the least is “Banma Fulyo Phool” from movie Kasam – an evergreen song that will last for years and years to come. This song gives an perfect example of dance, music and traditional costumes of Nepal.

Now, please stop reading this list and go listen to these most popular old Nepali film songs right away!

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