Unlike any other years, the year 2072 brought some amazing actresses in Nepalese movie industry. Some new comers and some former actresses of Nepali films made it to the top. So, below is the list of top 10 Nepali actresses of the year 2072.

1. Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah
Nepali Actress - Samragyee Rajya Laxmi ShahSamragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah, a well-established model after winning “Classic Face of Diamond”, was brought into Nepalese movie industry by the director and producer Bhuwan KC to play opposite to his son Anmol KC in the movie DREAMS. Shah’s acting has been appreciated by the audiences and many directors want to cast her in their upcoming movies but Shah hasn’t signed any of them yet. Due to her performance in Dreams (one of the best movies of 2072), Shah is able to set herself as an established actress in the industry.
2. Namrata Shrestha
Nepali Actress - Namrata ShresthaAfter the success of movie “Classic”, Namrata Shrestha’s popularity has peaked to a new height. In the movie, Shrestha has played the role of a blind woman. Her performance in the movie was so touching that the audiences were left crying. On the one hand, the movie achieved a high commercial success and on the other hand, the number of Namrata’s fan increased remarkably.
3. Deepashree Niraula
Nepali Actress - Deepashree NiraulaAlthough Deepashree Niraula is famous for her humorous acts, she has been able to establish herself as a movie actress after a serious role in the movie “Ward No. 6”. A song of the movie Surke Thaili Khai has gained a huge popularity which has more than 6.3 million views in Youtube. At the end of 2072, Deepashree made her identity as a movie director as well. Her movie “Chakka Panja” will be released in Dashain of 2073.
4. Rekha Thapa
Nepali Actress - Rekha ThapaRekha Thapa, one of the most loved actresses in Nepalese movie industry, became even more famous in 2072 because of her action and dialogues in the movie Rampyari. When she went to the theatres to meet her fans and movie viewers, they carried her in excitement.
5. Keki Adhikari
Nepali Actress - Keki AdhikariFor the beautiful actress Keki Adhikari, the year 2072 remained average as she faced both failure and success in this year in movies Bagmati and Bhag Sani Bhag respectively. She will come back in 2073 with handful of movies, so let’s see how her coming year is going to be.
6. Pooja Sharma
Nepali Actress - Pooja SharmaActress Pooja Sharma is considered very lucky in the Nepalese movie industry since she’s getting movies one after another despite her acting being average. Although her first movie was not a big success in 2072, Prem Geet which is her second movie was able to achieve a high commercial success.
7. Neeta Dhungana
Nepali Actress - Neeta DhunganaNeeta Dhungana won people’s heart through the movie “Phoolai Phool ko Sansar Timilai”. She was in a dual role in the movie but unfortunately, the movie could not compete with Dreams, but still Dhungana was busy in films and music videos. In 2072, she debuted in more than a dozen music videos.
8. Nisha Adhikari
Nepali Actress - Nisha AdhikariNisha Adhikari’s popularity rose high along with her successful Mt. Everest climb. She came back in movies in the year 2072 with Lootera, in which she played opposite to Nikhil Uprety. The movie was a huge success.
9. Rajani KC
Nepali Actress - Rajani KCRajani KC started her acting career from the movie Loafer. In 2072, her movie “Pardeshi” was a great hit. She along with the Indian Idol winner as well as actor Prashant Tamang received huge appreciation from the audiences.
10. Shilpa Pokhrel
Nepali Actress - Shilpa PokhrelIn 2072, only one movie of Shilpa Pokhrel was released. Although the movie “Fagu” was not a big success, Pokhrel’s acting was highly appreciated. In the upcoming year, Shilpa is expected to come back with the movie “Kismat-2”.

Nepalese movie industry is widening its horizon every year by including new actor/actresses or technology and skills to improve the quality of films. We wish all the best to the entertainment industry in the days and years to come.

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