Movie Details

Title Shabda
Casts Saugat Malla, Kamali Waiba, Anubhav Regmi and many more
Genre Action, Romantic, Tragedy
Release date Poush 28, 2073 (January 12, 2017)
Director Santosh Shiwakoti
Run time 2 hours
Full movie Not available

Movie Plot

With lead roles by Saugat Malla as Chaure and Kamali Waiba as Kashi, Sabda is an action and romantic movie which revolves around the life of two guys (Chaure and Laure) who fall in love with the same girl (Kashi). As they realize that they both are after the same girl, tension arises and verbal and physical conflicts start between them. Complicated relation are introduced and soon Chaure realizes the love and expression can have different faces. As the movie grows, the lead characters find themselves in relationship complication and dilemmas. Who will marry Kashi at the end?

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