Movie Details

Title Saaya
Casts Promish Gurung, Tina Shrestha, Umesh Tamang
Genre Social Drama
Release date Ashwin 14, 2073 (September 30, 2016)
Director Promish Gurung
Run time  –
Full movie Not available

Movie Plot

Starring Promish Gurung, Umesh Tamang, Tina Shrestha and Puskar Gurung, Saaya unfolds the story behind each of their life. The character of Promish and Umesh both has a crush on the character of Tina. Promish having anger issues, doesn’t think before putting his fist on someone else’s face and thus, it results in some very bad consequences. Family problems, relationship problems and emotional turmoil brings Promish in a position to make some hard choices. With life hanging on balance, Promish hopes to make everything right and finally, calm his restless heart.


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