Movie Details

Title Karkhana
Casts Sushil Shrestha, Barsha Siwakoti, Mausami Malla, Amardeep Sapkota
Genre Romance, Action
Release date January 13, 2017
Director Amardeep Sapkota
Run time  –
Full movie Not available

Movie Plot

Starring Sushil Shrestha and Barsha Siwakoti Karkhana is a love story about a couple who is madly in love with me. The character portrait by Sushil is a handsome stud whose whole heart belongs to the character of Barsha. But, life is not so easy. With every step their love faces challenges. A movie full of romance and action includes dramatic emotions and story line. Will they be happy together or realize that they aren’t meant to be together? Will their love survive?

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