Title  Gangster Blues
Casts  Anna Sharma, Aashhirman Deshraj Joshi, Gaurav Pahari, Prashant Tamrakar, Samyam Puri
Genre  Crime, Love
Release date  –
Director  Hemraj BC
Run time  –
Full movie  Not Available

About Gangster Blues Movie

The upcoming Nepali movie “Gangster Blues” is based on a story of gangsters and their suffering in personal, love and family life. The film tries to depict regrets and problems of gangsters once they enter this profession. The story tells how present young generation dives in to become a gangster in search of money and power.

Talking about character roles in this movie, Anna plays a role of an emotionally composed girl who is an MBA student and comes from a complicated background. Similarly, Aashhirman is a simple college boy whose nature is very aggressive while Gaurav is in negative role as an enemy. Lastly, Prashant is in the role of a powerful political leader who gives rise to gangsters.

The viewers will also be able to see Samyam Puri for supporting role in Gangster Blues.

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