Movie Details

Title  Bhram
Casts  Karma, Bhintuna Joshi, Khusbu Khadka, Suresh Gamal
Genre  Love, Thriller
Release date  Poush 22, 2073 (January 6, 2017)
Director  Rabindra Shahi
Run time  2 hours
Full movie  Not available

Movie Plot

Bhram is a thriller Nepali movie starring Karma Shakya and Bhintuna Joshi as major lead actors. Karma and Bhintuna is haunted by someone in a house they are living. Karma is skeptical about the presence but, the unexplained phenomenon happening in their house and in their life can be directly related to some external power. The problem is not only the presence but, there is this cold connection between the soul and Karma, which creates an even more drama to the movie. What would happen to them? Can they get rid of unknown that is creating problems in their life?

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